Haley Damian Testimonial

I met George when I was a freshman in high school and through the 7 years that I’ve known him, I’ve grown as an athlete and also spiritually. Through George’s wisdom and grace he has shown me what a true man of God really is. When George became head track coach at Northwest Christian University he called me and wanted me to come with him. I didn’t grow up in a religious household so I was unsure if going to a private Christian university was the right choice for me, but George convinced me to go and try something new. As soon as I got to NCU and experienced Chapel, bible classes, and team prayer, I realized what I was missing out on my whole life. George knew what I needed in training and in my life. He trains with patience, positivity, and perseverance. George was there every step of the way through my spiritual growth. He was there for me when I was an inexperienced freshman in high school, falling on my face at my first track meet to my baptism my freshman year in college. George is more than a coach and trainer to me. He is a second father, a spiritual role model, motivator, and the most inspirational coach I’ve ever had. ~Haley B. Damian, NCU Volleyball & Track Student Athlete