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    How to Do It:

    The following video is a weight training, circuit training video comprising six exercises. These exercises are simple and must be done with proper technique.

    Exercise 1: Dumbbell straight arm squats

    To perform this exercise as you get into the squat position. The dumbbells are raised parallel to the ground with a straight arm, repeating the up and down motion to complete each repetition.

    Exercise 2: Dumbbell curl and press

    Keep the arms extended with the palms facing upwards as you hold the dumbbells. Curl the dumbbells towards the shoulder and as you get towards the top of the shoulder, you rotate the dumbbells inward, touching them together with a straight arm above your head.

    Exercise 3: Dumbbell alternate lunge

    As you hold the dumbbells next to your side, you lunge forward with one leg, keeping your knee behind your toes. Step back into the starting position and alternate legs.

    Exercise 4: Dumbbell bent over rows / upright rows

    Bending over at the waist with arms extended. Raise the dumbbells towards the chest, coming off to the side. Then repeat the straight arm motion downward.

    Exercise 5: Three-way calf raise

    Holding the dumbbells with the arms extended. First position, the feet are straight as you raise up on the ball of your foot and your toes and repeat that position. Second position, the feet are pointed outwards with the heels together or close together. Doing the same up and down motion. Third position is a pigeon-toe position with the toes facing each other, repeating the same up and down motion.

    Exercise 6: Dumbbell flys

    Hold the dumbbells upward with your forearm facing upward and the dumbbells facing each other. Rotate the dumbbells inward towards the center of your body. Rotate them upward until your upper arm is parallel to ground in line with your shoulders and repeat that motion in and out to complete each repetition.

    o begin, make sure you keep your core tight by engaging your muscles throughout the exercise. Follow the video and perform the designated number of repetitions. Your core muscles help to protect your back and posture while moving through the exercise routine.


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